Want cheap motorsport? Find a cheap dune buggy for sale

If you love automobiles, and motorsport, and would love to get into car racing but can’t afford it, then one of your best options is to buy yourself a dune buggy. It’s a fantastic fun way to get into auto sports at an affordable price. If you can find a cheap dune buggy for sale it’s the cheapest entry to affordable motorsport.

Some of our readers may be new to the sport of dune buggies. A dune buggy is an off-road sports vehicle originally designed for driving in sand dunes. Nowadays they have a wide range of uses and can even be road registered.

The original dune buggy involved changing an existing vehicle and modifying it to produce a new vehicle well suited to off-road auto sports. The traditional dune buggy involve the modification of the Volkswagen beetle, and there have been many many buggies produced over the years which are based on a Volkswagen engine.

One of the main advantages of the Volkswagen beetle was that the motor was positioned in the rear of the vehicle so that the bulk of the weight of the vehicle was positioned over the rear wheels to provide extra traction, particularly when going uphill other soft ground or sand.

Volkswagen beetle engines are air cooled which also reduces the likelihood of failure because they don’t need a radiator.

The great advantage of dune buggies over regular sports vehicles is that they are relatively cheap to produce and a lot of fun to drive.

The original dune buggy has undergone many transformations and there are now a wide range of buggies available, both to buy new and second-hand, and enthusiasts continue to produce new variations on the theme.

Buggy racing is in full swing in a range of areas and the sport is very strong.


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And of course as is the case with auto racing modern dune buggies are much more complex than the original ones, with many modifications, and are now extremely powerful.

For those wanting to get into dune buggy driving there are a number of options. Obviously, like the original enthusiasts, it’s possible to build your own buggy. Nowadays it’s possible to get very good kits, and many good vehicles are produced from a kit. And like many you can build your own from the ground up.

Or you can buy second-hand if you can find a cheap dune buggy for sale, which in our view is the most cost-effective way of getting your own dune buggy. There are many excellent second hand dune buggies for sale, like on eBay, which in our experience is the best place to buy your buggy.

And then of course there are many new buggies available to buy. This of course is the most expensive option.

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Here’s a short video about building your own buggy.

So if you have a hankering to get into motorsport, but can’t afford it, buy yourself a cheap dune buggy and you’re on your way to motorsport heaven.

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