But do you want a street legal dune buggy?

Whilst the vast majority of dune buggies cannot be legally driven on the roads it is possible to make your buggy street legal.

There’s a number of advantages to this, not the least of which is the cool factor. It’s seriously cool to drive a dune buggy around town.

However it’s not just a cool factor, there’s a number of other reasons. The major reason for anyone involved in genuine motorsport with the dune buggy is that specifically possible to drive to the events.

If your buggy isn’t street legal then you need to trailer it to the event.

Whilst this all sounds great the bad news is that it’s not easy to get your dune buggy legally registered, and the requirements will vary from state to state. For that reason we can’t tell you here what you need to do to get your buggy legal, because it will depend on where you are.

It will be necessary for you to check out the requirements in your own state. However expect that you will be required to have all the same items of equipment that will be required on a vehicle, including headlights, turn signals, speedometer, horn and much more.

street legal Dune Buggy
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It’s always a trade-off, are you prepared to go to the expense of finding out what all the rules and regulations are and then trying to meet them, and do you want all this equipment on your buggy merely to be able to drive it on the roads? That’s a question that only you can answer, according to how badly you need it to be street legal.

Of course it’s quite possible to buy a street legal dune buggy, and we always suggest, if you’re buying second-hand, to start on eBay. There are street legal buggies there most of the time, and often you will buy very well.

And of course it’s quite possible to buy street legal dune buggies new, though of course this is much more expensive.

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